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Door Locks & Colors for Your Investment

Every ornamental door, gate, and window guard presents homeowners with an opportunity to customize their stylish home protection. American Door proudly offers customers in and around the Mid-South various door locks and colors to transform their new investments into eye-catching features with reliable security measures. Since 1999, we have helped residents protect their properties with our outstanding, American-made products.


Dependable Locks Installed To Protect Your Home

American Door values your security and offers several lock options to ensure your home stays safe. We believe every customer deserves high-quality protection with locks from reputable brands like Marks, Wright, Papaiz, Eversef, EZ Set, and other manufacturers. Our dependable locks come in various finishes to add visual appeal complementing your home and ornamental door, including polished brass, antique brass, and satin chrome. Each lock option has specific finishes. Choose any of the following locks to complete your door:

  • Economy Slimline Lock with Deadbolt
  • Deluxe Slimline Lock with Deadbolt
  • Premium Slimline Lock with Deadbolt
  • Universal Bubble Lock with Deadbolt
  • Mortise Lock with Knob Plate
  • Mortise Lock with Deadbolt
  • Mortise Lever with Knob Plate

Stylish Colors to Customize Ornamental Doors

Your new ornamental security and storm doors are built to be durable and protect you from the elements, trespassers, and other threats to your home. American Door is committed to quality fabrication, but we also want you to love your new door’s appearance. We offer 10 stylish colors to customize your ornamental door’s look, so it complements your home’s aesthetic and your personal taste. Our colors are also available to apply to other products, including window guards, pet doors, and foyer or garden gates. Below are the colors we offer for your new doors and other products:

  • Almond
  • Hunter Green
  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Cranberry
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Bronze
Our Available Product Colors

color selection

Lock Styles Available

lock selections

Rekeying Locks for Better Home Security

When you need additional service to ensure your doors will protect your home from intruders, rekeying may be the best option. Our expert team rekeys locks so that you don’t worry about strangers opening your doors after you lose your key. Improved security is the main benefit of letting us rekey your lock. The process is quicker and less expensive than replacing all your home’s locks, and you get the same results. If you have multiple locks to replace, it can be a time-consuming endeavor that costs you money for each new lock. Rekeying several locks instead of changing them is a more cost-effective way to restore your home’s security.

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