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My services from the beginning were WONDERFUL. I called and spoke to a gentleman named Tom. He advised on where to look online for the different types of doors they offered, after finding the one I liked, he arranged my free consultation. He was prompt, polite, and once here explained the different types of door styles for my home as the door is round and the various locks.
Now, it takes time for the door to be made so be patient. it's coming. You pay your deposit and the rest when the door comes and gets installed. That's fair. My door got installed today by a WONDERFUL INSTALLER and his assistant/helper. They took down my old door and got the new one up FAST. It LOOKS AMAZING. IT TOOK NO TIME.
I'm not good with names I think he said Correy, but if not, he's tall, with a reddish curly beard, and a great sense of customer service, and GIANT GENIUNE SMILE. He called prior to arrival and his helper was friendly and polite. I'd recommend AMERICAN DOOR, any day!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

queen Clower, 12/28/2020

The negative reviews on this company are about potential problems that would have been made clear to the customers prior to work being done and expectations of delays on custom doors from the manufacturer. The doors are not crafted in the shop and are measured and custom ordered in most cases on non-standard doors. Tony and Larry are two wonderful guys with 60 years of experience between the two of them and can answer any questions you have with the utmost honesty and integrity. They know exactly what they're doing. Don't let a couple of people who misunderstood the procedure for their particular request detour you from ordering an installation from American Door. You will be satisfied with the results and attention to detail from this company and if there happens to be a problem along the way your door installs come with a 90-day warranty to ensure you're completely happy with the results they deliver.

Veterans Who Care Home Services, 04/20/2020

I love my door!!! Nice and friendly staff.

Erica Jefferson, 08/15/2020

Courteous and helpful.

Sandra Mays, 03/23/2021

They did a great job. Very professional service.

Jo Hume, 04/20/2020

After dealing with other door companies in the past with bad experiences I went to American door for my last order. The people were so nice and informative and great prices on their doors. After I ordered the doors were installed right when they said they would. And great job installing them. A great place to do business.

C Anthony, 04/19/2017

Was just there today looking for replacement glass for my security door. They were very helpful with getting me what I needed at reasonable prices.

Willie Lawrence, 04/24/2021

I got my security door installed by Don 10 years ago and this door continues to do the job of giving my family a safe feeling! 10 years later thank you American Door!

Thomas Webb, 04/16/2020

Walked in 2 days ago looked at doors and decided to buy one and they Installed it the next day and the installer did an awesome job!!!

Arlon Holmes, 05/25/2019

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